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Organization Overview

Organization Name

Non-Profit Organization PANGAEA


April 15, 2003


Yumiko Mori, Toshiyuki Takasaki


Headquarter:   Zou Bldg. #301, 509 Kyogokucho
                      Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8035, Japan

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■5-minute walk from Kawaramachi Station,Hankyu Railways[Exit 10]
■3-minute walk from "Kawaramachi Matsubara" bus stop
  (Kyoto City bus: Route #4, #17,#80, #205)

Contact Information

Administration Office:
Address:  Zou Bldg. #301, 509 Kyogokucho, Shimogyo-ku
               Kyoto 600-8035, Japan
TEL:  +81-(0)75-741-8877
FAX:  +81-(0)75-741-8876


Pangaea is a Non-Profit Organization that collaborates universities, research institutes, government bodies, private corporations and individuals, to create a universal playground where children from ages nine to 15, around the world, can develop personal bonds, transcending the boundaries of culture, language and distance. Pangaea develops materials, systems and support activities in locations all over the world, including Japan, Korea, Austria, Kenya and Malaysia, and pursues the achievement of independent operation in each area within several years.


Apr 2003:
Registered as NPO Pangaea (Japan)
May 2004:
Pangaea Activity started in four Shibuya locations in Tokyo (Japan)
May 2005:
Suginami Youth Center in Tokyo started Pangaea activity (Japan)
Feb 2006:
Korea, Austria, and Kenya started Pangaea activities
Sep 2006:
MIZY Center of Korea UNESCO started Pangaea activities (Korea)
Jan 2007:
Mie Univ. started Pangaea activities (Japan)
Apr 2008:
Kyoto Univ. started Pangaea activities (Japan)
Dec 2008:
Pangaea moved its headquarter to Kyoto
Feb 2009:
Universiti Malaysia Sarawak started Pangaea activities (Malaysia)
Jan 2010:
Kyoto International School started Pangaea activities (Japan)
SMK BARIO started Pangaea activities (Malaysia)
May 2011:
OKWave started Pangaea activities in Tokyo (Japan)
Sep 2012:
UDCK started Pangaea activities in Chiba (Japan)

Activity Location

4 locations (OKWave, Mie Univ., Kyoto Univ., UDCK)
1 location (MIZY Center of Korea UNESCO)
1 location (Vienna Youth Center)
1 location (National Museums of Kenya, Kenya)
2 locations (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, SMK BARIO)

Activities and Participants

555 total activities to date
106 active participating children worldwide (590 total participants to date)
147 active registered volunteers worldwide (368 total volunteers to date)

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