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Yumiko Mori, Chairman
Graduated from Saint Mary's College, California, with infant psychology / education major. After experiencing research fellowship at Schizophrenia Biology Research Center, Palo Alto, Stanford Univ., she joined Japanese toy maker TOMY in the midst of her doctorates program in the Education Dept. of UCLA. She left the company in 1999 to work on the development of a space for children, so that she can demonstrate her own theories about how harmonization between the tool (toy), space and human relationships is beneficial in the development of children.

She planned and started up R&D Center of Workshops for Children at Okawa Center CAMP (Children's Art Museum & Park) located in West-Japan Science City, Kyoto, in April 2001, sponsored by CSK Corporation, as part of its social contribution program.

She became a visiting researcher of MIT Media Lab in 2002, and started the project Pangaea to create a universal playground in cyberspace, where children across the globe can connect. Pangaea was registered as a certified non-profit organization by Tokyo Prefecture in April 2003.


Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice Chairman and Chief Technology Officer | Ph.D in Informatics
Obtained BA at Precision Engineering Dept. of Tokyo Univ. and MA at Graduate School of Frontier Science of Tokyo Univ. with Engineered Environmental Studies as his major. He studied wearable information networks and nature interface during the master’s program and experienced internships at the laboratories of Japan IBM and NTT DoCoMo, where he was involved in the development of the man-machine interface and the healthcare radio system using PHS.

He became a Research Affiliate of MIT Media Lab in 2001 as an assignee from Sega Corporation, Japan, and provided technical support, while also facilitating activities in starting up the R&D Center of Workshops for Children at Okawa Center CAMP (Children Art Museum and Park) located in West-Japan Science City, Kyoto, during this assignment. He experienced internship to develop RFID system at TagSense Inc. US, from 2002.

He started Project Pangaea as a Visiting Scientist of MIT Media Lab in 2002 with Ms. Yumiko Mori. The project was authorized as non-profit organization by Tokyo Prefecture in April 2003. His creative software projects were accepted twice by the Exploratory Software Project, sponsored by the Information Technology Promotion Agency Japan (the independent agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 2004 and 2006, which were managed by Prof. Toru Ishida in Kyoto University and Prof. David Farber in Carnegie Mellon University. He participated in "Asia 21 Young Leaders Summit" of Asia Society in 2007 as one of the Japanese delegates. He has been a part-time researcher in Department of Social Informatics, Kyoto University from 2006 to 2012.
He received Ph.D in Informatics from Department of Social Informatics, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University in 2017. (He was selected as the representative of the Graduate School of Informatics at the Degree Conferment Ceremony.)

He pursues to form the respect of humanity by shifting the paradigm of thoughts from digital to analogue, in contrast with the technological trends developed in the reversed order in our time, which presents the alarming realities of global security and the difficult challenges in environmental sustainability. He is responsible for the R&D of Pangaea, in corporation with the international researchers, as a Peace Engineer.

Ayako Edahiro, Board Member
HR Director, a global company

Naoko Hattori, Board Member
Executive Vice-President, Socio Engine Associates

Seishi Ninomiya, Board Member
Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Yasukazu Okano, Board Member
Representative, a school corporation

Yukimitsu Sanada, Board Member
Professor, Dept. of Business, Aichi Shukutoku University

Tatsuo Kuhara, Auditor
Partner, an accounting Office

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Corporate Members

Kimura Pediatric Clinic

Message from Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice Chairman of Pangaea: Son of Dr. Kimura is my alumnus from high school and a friend of mine for 20 years. Mr. Kimura has vast knowledge in the area of Japanese and international history / current issues, shows sympathy to the world view of Pangaea, gives serious advices and sometimes drinks a lot with me as my friend from old times. Late mother of Mr. Kimura used to support my activities, telling me "You are in the environment where you can do good to the society, therefore, do it proactively" to encourage me. For me, this is still one of the big driving forces of Pangaea activity.



SAKAKI LAB INC Message from Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice Chairman of Pangaea: The President of Sakaki Lab witnessed the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, from his office in the nearby Rockefeller Building. We later met at the MIT Media Lab. This event had a major impact on his work, and he established this design lab centered on the advancement of communication technologies. Pangaea has benefited greatly from his continued support and personal advice throughout its development.



HONEST CO.,LTD. Message from Toshiyuki Takasaki, Vice President of Pangaea: I have come to know the company through my presentation at the academic conference. Honest is the solution company that connects corporate strategy and information systems, has open and cheerful corporate culture creating relationships among people based on the respect to unique personality of each individual. It builds good human relationship that generates good mood, from which I felt close similarity with Pangaea and get good stimulation.




the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University / Keio University / Tama Art University / the University of Tokyo / Mie University / Osaka Institute of Technology / Kwansei Gakuin University / Kyoto Women's University / National Institute of Information and Communication Technology / CSK Holdings Corp. / Shibiya Ward, Tokyo / Suginami Ward, Tokyo / Kyoto International School / National Federation of UNESCO Associations


Korea UNESCO Mizy Center / Mapo Youth Culture Center


Vienna Youth Center


Glocal Forum




University of Amsterdam


Maneno World / UNESCO Kenya / Nation Media Group


University Malaysia Sarawak, SMK BARIO


The Media Lab M.I.T

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