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Privacy Policy

On the website of the Non Profit Organization Pangaea (hereinafter referred to as Pangaea), we're aware of the importance of personal information. When collecting personal information, such as name, address, phone number and e-mail address, with a particular purpose or provider, we'll collect them as showing the provider and inquiries. Pangaea considers protection of your privacy very carefully and deals with your personal information with great caution. The photographs on the website are posted with the permission of the person himself and his/her parents.

1. Limits of Using the Collected Information

Pangaea keeps, uses and analyzes the collected user's information which can identify an individual in the range of Pangaea activity. In addition, Pangaea follows the item concerned in the bylaws and shall be able to use that which can identify an individual with the collected information.

2. Disclosure of Collected Information

Pangaea doesn't disclose the collected user's information which can intentionally identify an individual. However, here are three exceptions:

  • If it was requested, based on legal grounds.
  • If we have consent for the disclosure to a third person from a provider for the information.
  • If we disclose it in the necessary range for the performance of executed work when
       we entrust suppliers with the handling of the collected information of Pangaea.

3. Security

Pangaea takes reasonable measures to protect disclosure of the collected information to a third person accidentally. However, please be reminded that it doesn't absolutely guarantee leakage of information which can identify an individual, despite the security measures Pangaea takes.

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